Our Farmhouse | Bathroom Update


We’ve official owned our little farmhouse in the country for an entire month!  We love living out here and we’ve had a lot of fun making updates to the property. We’ve dug over 1000 square feet of gardens, removed an entire 1970s addition to the house (a sunroom that will now be a patio) and have freshened up two rooms in the house. Today I’m excited to show you photos of my “new” bathroom.

We started off with a nice raw space. It had been enlarged, retiled, and drywalled by the second owner and outfitted with a new vanity and storage area. I kept almost all of the hardware and fixtures, like toilet, tub and surround, hooks and faucets too. Are you scratching your head and wondering what the heck I actually changed? Ok! It’s time for some before photos and a rundown of the sources!



We kept the existing vanity, but I changed the knobs and pulls. I also swapped out the lighting for a trio of barn style goose neck lights and added Edison bulbs (all from Lowes). I also changed the mirror to a more industrial style with a shelf, perfect for a vase of my hydrangeas!

All of the glassware was thrifted at Goodwill, but the soap and lotion pumps are available at Target (I have two in my shower as well!) I also treated myself to a pretty white hand towel with pale yellow stripe to bring in the slightest hint of color (similar).


Green is my favorite color, but I thought the space would look bright and fresh with a neutral light grey. To save myself time on cutting in the many edges, I did both ceiling and walls the same (Benjamin Moore ‘Marilyn’s Dress’) in a semi gloss finish. 

One of my favorite improvements - the painted (gasp!) grout!  I did a lot of research online and had seen success stories, so I decided to say buh bye to the creamish-brown existing grout with a medium toned grey. I was aiming for something lighter, but this is what Adam picked up for me, so I tried it and liked it (Pearl Grey MAPEI Grout Refresh) What a huge difference!

Around the tub I pulled out all of the stained silicone and re-applied it. I also did new caulk between the trim and walls. I LOVE THAT PART!

Finally I spray painted the floor grate (originally an orangish metal) to rubbed oil bronze. While I had that out, I also sprayed the pulled on the storage armoire as well. I love the spray paint I used! (Rustoleum in Metallic Paint and Primer in One - Rubbed Oil Bronze)



Between the nook for the storage cabinetry and the tub/shower was a spot I missed when I filled in the nail holes. Luckily, I scored this vintage print (with Tulip Trees and birds - we have so many of both on our property!) I kept it in it’s original frame and it was an awesome one buck finishing touch on the space. I also got a one dollar silver toned trash bucket/trash can that I love! (Possible to love a trash can? Why not!)

One of my favorite parts of pulling together a new space is the big trip to Target. You know what i mean, right? I picked out a new shower curtain and rug. I can’t put my finger on why I like them so much, but I think they have the right vibe for the room and for our farmhouse in general.

Over the toilet, I hung a window shaped mirror that was in Bea’s room at the old house. Over it, I used a white wreath hanger to display a new white, green and yellow wreath I made last week (here’s a tutorial if you want to make one yourself!). I felt like the space was incredibly neutral and some flowers would brighten things up. I am crazy obsessed with faux flowers in wreaths! 

Finally, we hung a toilet paper holder (which we never got around to in our old house!) and added some baskets we already  had here and there for storage/decoration.

I’m really pumped with the results. The bathroom is a much used part of the home and it feels great to start and end my day in that lovely space!