Notes from the Field | 002

Friends! It's been a while since I've been able to open my laptop and sit down to write. On Thursday mornings I have childcare for the kids so I get to do whatever my little heart desires. Today it was a checkup at the doctor and now I'm sitting at the cutest new bakery and cafe sipping on an almond milk latte. 

Speaking of doctor visits, I was so impressed with how my nurse and nurse practitioner talked with me about my mental health. Some of you may have seen my instagram story the other night where I mentioned I wanted to eliminate words like crazy, insane and mental from my everyday use, especially because I'm a person who's dealt with my own issues in that department!  I'm not at all ashamed to tell you I sought treatment for my postpartum depression and it was only after I started medication that I realized how I'd struggled for so many years. 

For much of my life I felt like if I could just be a little more grateful or if I had a better attitude I could overcome deep feelings of sadness and worthlessness. I have friends who've been urged to pray more. But for some people, it's just not something you can wish away.  In fact, today I was told that it's rare a patient doesn't have some depression, anxiety or both (or know someone that does). Anyone who's been there knows you don't ask for that kind of illness for yourself! Sure, having gratitude and a good attitude can help but there is no shame in getting a professional to assess your mental health if you need more.

These days I feel awesome and I credit it to a lot of things - a loving and supportive family, especially my husband Adam, a nutritious diet, exercise, vitamin D and medication. 

So it's time to stop using words like crazy or insane as descriptors. There's just no place for that kind of talk in my world anymore. Because even if I don't use them as personal insults, there are so many people suffering from mental illness that it's still insulting to someone. Maybe someone reading this has felt that way before. And if you have, you're not alone, you're not broken, you're valuable and you're worth being a part of this beautiful world. 

I'm really grateful for the positive well visit to my doctor's office and the changing landscape of talking openly about mental health!

In other news, I've been really crafty lately! Right now I'm working on a butterfly embroidery (there's an early progress shot on my instagram) and last week I blocked a new straw hat for an upcoming vacation! I sewed a few things for my home too - a table runner and lampshade (both in my dining room) and a new pillow for my living room.

Oh! While I'm on the topic of the living room, I finally bought myself a fiddle leaf fig tree. After years of wishing and hoping I'd get one for Christmas or Mother's Day, now I have just one more houseplant to baby (I'm currently caring for 14 little darlings).

I'm also working on updating all of my household cleaning products to homemade or non toxic ingredients. I made some amazing foaming hand soap last week and I'm editing that post to put on the blog soon! I'll also list out what I've used and liked for a while (Seventh Generation products are really great!) and what you can just make at home (the aforementioned hand soap, but also glass cleaner and dish soap). 

That's it for now! I've opted to have comments on this post, if you're so inclined to chime in!