Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

Homemade Foaming Lavender Handsoap | Stars and Field.jpg

First things first - a huge thank you to everyone who made suggestions (here and on instagram) on where to buy green products, companies you recommend and your own homemade recipes for green cleaning. I'm eagerly awaiting deliveries for a few things and have starting making some of my own products at home too! 

Today I'm going to share something that has already blown me away - a homemade hand soap. I've also been using it for dishes and cleaning my stove (which was SO crusty and hard to clean - even with strong chemical products designed specifically for that task) so I want to tell you about the recipe right away! There are a lot of variations online, I sort of combed through them and used what I had at home for this! It's so easy!

Foaming Lavender Hand Soap

Mix it all together and that's it! You could omit the essential oil or use a different scent. I'm going to try eucalyptus for my next batch! 

With two children, cold and flu season and a dozen diaper changes a day, I wash my hands a lot. I'm weary of over using antibacterial hand soaps and I like knowing everything that's in this mix. It's also really economical (we also use the castile soap for bathing and a little goes a really long way!) I used a leftover pump, but they're also on amazon if you need a fresh bottle.

I also made my own label, which you can use too if you want (it's available for free here). I stamped on a little lavender print to make it pretty and secured it to the bottle with packing tape. Nothing says bored housewife like printing your own labels for all of your kitchen containers #amirite? Whatever! I can't wait to make more for things like homemade jams and canning projects this summer (kind of like the honey labels!) 

Homemade Foaming Handsoap | Stars and Field.jpg

Heads up! I use affiliate links in this post, which means I make a small commission if you use it to make a purchase. You can probably get everything at Target or your local grocery though!