Jessica Bakes | Red Velvet Christmas Tree Cupcakes

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Happy Yuletide all! Here are some goodies I baked this morning for a gathering this weekend - Christmas Tree Cupcakes for the kids plus some bonus Red Velvet and Cream Cheese frosting for the adults (plus a cheese cake, hope to get some photos of that too!)

I got this idea from Preppy Kitchen! They have so many fun looking recipes and I knew I could use some of my baking hacks to put my version together. So read on for what I used from their post and what I did a bit differently!

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I swear by doctoring up boxed mixes! I did it for Beatrix’s cupcakes earlier this year and many times in between and all you do is add an extra egg and sub butter for oil. I used a red velvet store box and it made two dozen cupcakes. I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back to making cake from scratch!

White Icing

My go-to recipe is a block of cream cheese, a dash of almond extract and 3 cups of powdered sugar. Maybe a small splash of milk if you need it a little smoother. Tangy and not too sweet! I used this on the second dozen cupcakes and for the base of the trees as a place for the ice cream cones to stick to!

Green Icing

I used the recipe on Preppy Kitchen but made a 3/4 batch and dyed it all green (versus making a whole batch and splitting it in half). I needed that much green to pre frost and then pipe a dozen trees. If I made these again, I’d do the full recipe and make it all green just because I’d rather have left over frosting and not enough.

These trees were easy to pipe icing onto because the more imperfect, the better! The dusting of powdered sugar really looks like snow! Wouldn’t these be cute next to a gingerbread house too?

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