May the Thrifting Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Today was another epic day of thrift shopping for me. I've been hitting up Goodwill a lot lately - even more so since the beginning of the year when I decided to try to only buy second hand or make what I needed (or wanted!) 

I've written about some of my tips in the past here and yes, I usually take both kids with me. It involves a quarter for the gumball machine at the door (we just can't quit those damn gumballs!) and a stroll through the toy aisle in search of a ninety nine cent distraction. I should also note I'm usually not looking for clothes and definitely not trying on when both kids are tagging along.  

I also have a pretty standard routine of what I look for - wooden items, dishes to match my antique china, lamps, cooking tools and what I lovingly call decorative items (vases, mirrors, oil painting, etc). I think I usually have luck is because I go often and I also really happen to like your grandmas 1970s castoffs! If your style doesn't have a boho slash cobbled together vibe, I dunno if it's gonna be your thing. But mine is, so cha ching! Gimme all the octagonal mirrors and wooden candlesticks!!

Anyway, today was my day!!! I found a smattering of baskets I'm using in my new laundry room update, some weird and tacky wall mount candle holders and something almost bought straight from the baking section of the craft store... A donut pan! Just typing it feels a little lame but I shouted with joy (not too loud, I'm only 85% weirdo) when I found it! I'm going to start using my go to paleo banana cupcake recipe and top with honey and peanuts! I'll share soon if it works out!

Back to the thrift store - we also spotted a new version of a vintage toy - this particular item containing more of the pieces our old toy came with (the first one - a playskool cash register, only had one yellow coin - the new one came with 5!). And a Paw Patrol lunch box (see earlier point on distractions).  

if you have any interest in seeing any of these doodads, I have an Instagram story up right now or just stay tuned for my laundry reveal that's coming soon (waiting on one last thing for my floors!)

I also had good clothes thrifting juju last weekend when my friend Indiana was in town. I haven't gone with a friend in years and it was So. Much. Fun! Aside from some random woman who saw me try something on and was like "don't even look!" (No one asked you, lady!) A girl needs a partner in crime once and a while. We also went after a brunch cocktail which made it even better.

Lastly, I think I've just been in sync lately because I just keep finding things I've been looking for around the house and garage. I'm kind of ashamed (only to tell you, I really don't care IRL) that we still have an entire unpacked garage bay full of boxes. If they're still there come garage sale season, they're going going gone (to whomever will venture way out here in the country to buy them). 

Sometimes you just find exactly what you're looking for - may the thrifting odds be ever in your favor!