Inspired By | Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room

Farmhouse Style Laundry & Mudroom Inspiration

I am so close to completing my laundry/mudroom makeover I can almost taste it! We enter and exit primarily through the back of our home and needed a design update to flow with the rest of our home (which you can see here if you want!).

For those of you who are new around here - we live in a farmhouse built in the 40s with a major addition put on in the mid sixties. In true farmhouse style, rooms have been added on or spaces made larger and I suspect our laundry/mudroom used to be a porch of some sort before it was finished. 

When I started planning for making over this home, my catchall was "Midcentury Modern Farmhouse" (Here's my huge Pinterest board of the same name) And when I say farmhouse, I mean more of the bones of the space and less in the way of decor (probably no chicken wire in my future!) I've also found myself really doing a lot with bohemian style too - lots of wooden vessels, baskets and houseplants. So for this laundry space, I wanted to set the tone for the whole house and pull together everything I love!

These photos are a great example of what I've been inspired by!

1. Shiplap | Thanks to Jo Jo and Fixer Upper, shiplap has become a popular texture and makes perfect sense for a farm style entry room. I can't wait to show you what my dad and I installed! I have become pretty decent at the miter saw and at swinging a hammer too! And I felt like a boss at the lumber yard loading up my pallet and picking the best wood. 

2. Open Wooden Shelves |  In our last home we did open shelving in our kitchen remodel and I loved it. Adam has a technique for making the boards super smooth and for laundry organization it just makes perfect sense to have your cleaning supplies right by the machines. For this house we've been able to upcycle all of our open shelves and that fits in really nicely into my Make, Do & Mend mission. More on that when I show the final space! 

3. Plants! | This is kind of an aside, but I feel that my seasonal depression has been mitigated by how many houseplants I have hanging out with me (now up to over 20 #plantgang!) My laundry space has two huge 70" windows so there's a lot of opportunity for growing! 

4. Bright White | Nothing say so clean and so fresh (Cue Outkast) like bright white walls in a laundry space. I used to feel like white walls screamed RENTAL! but after years of doing so much color I really like them. And white black and wooden accents they just look so pretty. 

So that's kind of a hint to how the space will come together. I am 85% complete right now and just waiting on a delivery to finish up and then photograph (and a nice sunny day!) Guys - I'm pumped! I've found a lot of joy in my home projects and can't wait to share!