Notes from the Field | 004

Phew. I just got done typing out a big post about how cranky my children are today, how cranky strangers are online and when I got done I thought, I don't need to put this out into the world. I got it out on paper (on my laptop... same diff) and that in and of itself was enough.  

I watched a really chilling movie last night and it's sort of soaked into my mood today. I'm trying all of my go-to tricks to feel happier, but I just can't seem to get there (see also: cranky kids). The best I can do right now is just count down to cooking dinner in an hour and relax with a re-run of Fixer Upper and a sleeping baby in my lap. Not everyday is magical and they're necessary for the contrast to the really good days.

On a random note - I always go through a little bit of a hill and valley when I complete and post about a home project. I'm excited that my vision has all come together and a space in my home has been improved, but then I look at the next room over that's still very much in a before state and feel like its going to be a long time before I get to do that again. Maybe you've felt the same way the day after the big party or celebration or whatever fun and exciting thing you look forward to. The Monday after vacation is generally not the most magical day of the year, right?

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Spring is right around the corner and that alone is worth day dreaming about. See ya tomorrow!