Inspired By | Bohemian Bedrooms

Inspired By | Boho Bedrooms.jpg

Now that I've wrapped up the laundry room makeover, I'm really antsy to do another room. On one hand there's the kitchen, but that's going to be a significant investment and time commitment. I also need to paint the ceilings and cement floor in my sunroom (adjacent to the dining room) but that's also something that will take solo time away from the kids. 

Which leaves me with a third idea! What about a master bedroom refresh? Last year I updated the space with paint and a new set of sheets and goodies from my attic stash to complete it. Since then I've been borrowing from the space for other rooms and the bedroom is left feeling a little lack luster. I wonder if a little re arranging, a real headboard (in my dreams I'd find a gorgeous rattan number like this for a king) and some new plants could freshen up the space? I'd also like to thrift a white quilt to swap with the blue I've had for a few years (UPDATE! Bought one secondhand on etsy!) Maybe make a new throw pillow? It would be a budget based, DIY quickie but I think it would satisfy my urge to change something up. 

Here's what I'm inspired by - bright, plant filled boho style spaces. I could make up some macrame pieces for either plants or wall hangings and I can do that pretty inexpensively. I'd swap out my dark bedding for light (some of which I have in my linen closet). I'd also like do to a shelf over the bed with some trailing plants. If I can find a vintage kilim rug in so-so condition I'd also like to make a bench for the foot of the bed. And last by not least, I still haven't replaced the overhead light fixture, so I need to get on that. I think the best part of bohemian style is that it has a crafted look and gets better and better with the more mixing and matching you do. Lucky for me all of my furniture is second hand and from all over the place so cobbled together is right up my alley! 

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So all of this leads me to a question for you guys - is anyone out there interested in the thought process and planning of making over or redecorating a room? I like it to gather my ideas and narrow things down and I'm considering doing a more in depth posting schedule for my kitchen reno this summer (I plan on doing a lot of the work myself!). Please let me know!