The Science of Sleep

This post isn't scientific at all actually. It's just anecdotal evidence. Life is so much better with sleep. Yesterday I got a nap. Today was my morning to sleep in. I feel like a different human. For parents of young kids so much sleep is sacrificed for free time or hell, just getting our babies to sleep so they're not total monsters. That first year is so tough. I haven't slept through the night in at least 14 months. But it's slowly getting better and better and praise be for a hour or two to just curl up alone and sink into a deep sleep.  

It also doesn't hurt that the sun is shining and I let myself have coffee versus tea (may regret that) but currently sitting at my dining table alone to just look outside, write and make lists and the current silence and last nights' rest are making me glow.  

And on somewhat of a side tangent - I've been feeling so loved by the comments and DMs y'all have been sending me related to my new style of content. I know not every post is going to be earth shattering or ground breaking but knowing there are other folks out there going through the same things is really uplifting. It's possible to feel incredibly grateful and massively frustrated at the same time (see also: the side effects of the full moon on children). And to know you're not alone - that's one of the best parts of all. Looking forward to the week ahead! I've got thrifting, plant shopping, clean eating and hiking on my mind. What are you up to? Cya tomorrow!