Springtime Romper for Beatrix

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Occasionally I find myself out and about with a little time to kill before picking Felix up from school and inevitably end up either thrifting or at a fabric/craft/home improvement store, dreaming up what project to take on next. If you've been with me for a while you know mama loves a project. I probably have at least a dozen things in motion at once and it's rare I can whip something up without starting something new. I realize that might not be an excellent habit, but I'm working on it! 

Case in point - yesterday I was taking a spin through the fabric aisles and thought - I've never made an outfit for Bea! I've been wanting to sew her something special for so long, so yesterday afternoon, I designed and constructed this sweet little romper!

Beatrix Romper by Jessica Quirk 7.jpg

I started with a rough idea in my mind and bought a yellow floral body fabric (which feels a little retro, yea?), an off white and gold polka dot to contrast on the front and under ruffles and the most darling little flower trim.  I took it home and laid it out and got sketching. I usually start with a sketch but this time it was nice to have the materials right in front of me for inspiration.  I took little Beatrix's measurements and started with the parts I thought I could wing - the front bib, straps and ruffles. The bottoms weren't that hard to pattern out - I just sort of drew a panty shape, cut it out and held it up to her and adjusted from there. Small things sew up so quickly - so this project was complete in under a day with kids playing at my feet. I think if I had alone time it might have gone even faster! 

I had SO much fun pulling this one together - from selecting the fabric to sketching and sewing. You will be seeing little Bea modeling many more mama made creations in the near future. In fact, I might stitch up a little dress for her this afternoon. Heaven knows I have way too much fabric in my stash and should be pulling from there instead of buying anything new. (But OMG there are so many sweet little cotton prints available these days! And so little yardage for a tiny peanut like Bea Bea! And I just got my JoAnn's coupon in the mail!!!!!) 

I would definitely make this same style again and at this point I'm just going to have to give myself some limits on how many variations I make. I've been sketching away this afternoon (I think getting these photos to upload took more time than sewing the damn thing!) Next up will be a little dress and I also think I could incorporate some sweet little embroidery on a little pinafore style. The options are endless! 

All that said,  I think it's easy to say, the cutest part of these photos is my darling Bea herself! 

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