More Spring Dressmaking for Beatrix

Sewing Lead.jpg

Since last week's post on the yellow romper I made for Bea, I have been sewing at least one new piece for her each day! While it might sound like a lot, these little pieces stitch up so quickly that I can make one in a couple of hours. I set up my sewing machine on the high bar of the kitchen and have realized I really like sewing standing up! Less hunching over for my aging eyes and the machine is out of reach of the kids! My ironing board is flat on the counter next to it. I've realized that if my kids can deal with me cooking, they can also deal with me sewing! I usually let Felix watch a show/movie while Bea plays at my feet or in a nearby room (or naps!) And it should also be noted, when I am excelling in one place in my life, I'm neglecting something else (ie. tidying my house!) No one can do it all or at least do it all well. Sometimes I let cooking inventive meals slide for prioritizing play dates or let cleaning come second to feeding my creative needs. I also believe children need independence (obviously within safe boundaries) so I'm fine with them playing solo (right now they are opening and closing the front windows and climbing on chairs!) Let kids be kids! And let mommy sew one more seam!

Now... let me tell you a little more about each piece!

Blue Romper Front.jpg
Americana Romper by Jessica Quirk
Blue Romper Back.jpg

Red, White + Blue Romper

This is the same design as the yellow romper (which I sketched and patterned out myself) and I used fabric I had on hand in my stash. The blue ground with white and red flowers is vintage (I'm pretty sure at least... I can't remember when/where I bought it!) and the contrast white eyelet is the same I used for this top for myself a couple of years ago.

I also added some red trim to the shoulder and bum ruffles as well as on the sides of the front faux placket. To finish it off, some sweet little red buttons.

Blue Dress Front.jpg
Blue Paisley Dress by Jessica Quirk
Paisley Blue and Gold Dress by Jessica Quirk

Dark Blue Paisley Dress

This was the next piece I made and I wanted to switch things up just a little with a skirt instead of romper bottom (using a very simple bib + dirndl skirt combo). The blue was in my stash and I used left over yellow from romper #1 under the double shoulder ruffles and behind the sash. It was feeling a little flat so I added white pom trim at the hem and on the sash. It's a shorter left but looks so darling with a coordinating cloth diaper underneath!

Navy and Aqua Baby Romper by Jessica Quirk
Navy and Aqua Baby Girl Romper by Jessica Quirk
Navy and Aqua Back by Jessica Quirk

Aqua and Navy Romper

I just love this little color combo! Both fabrics came from what I already had and this piece sewed up very quickly. I made the straps out of both colors but placed the navy outward in front and the aqua out on back. I also added a little neckline detail using some of the scrap of the strap (say that ten times fast!) I can't wait to see her run around in this little piece!

Purple Dress Front.jpg
Purple Dress Front.jpg
Purple Dress Back.jpg

Purple Dress

For this piece, I used a vintage 1952 Simplicity pattern as the starting point. I omitted the pockets and sleeves and added trim (also leftover from the yellow romper) to the neckline and on the empire waistline scallops. This one looks very cute with a cloth diaper peeking out too! 

Up Next...

No surprise here - I have enough fabric to make up two more little rompers and I'll probably mess around with that today and tomorrow. It's so fun and quick to sew and I've worked out any kinks through the first versions. Now just for a warm day so we can see those baby legs!