Notes From the Field | 005

I'm trying to do it all, really I am. Lately I just feel like I can't keep my head above water to do all of the things I want to do, let alone need to do. There's little things that I leave on my to-do list for weeks at a time, when I know I'd feel so much better if I just called and made that appointment or cancelled that subscription (Note to self, stop with the free 7 day trial - you'll forget to use it and curse yourself every time you're billed for it). 

My husband took the kids for the morning so all of those tedious computer chores and phone calls are getting done. I mean, let's be honest. They should have been done long ago but I just had to make a macrame lampshade instead of being truly productive. 

Speaking of the kids, we do have one big update that I'm so thrilled about - my son is on the road to being potty trained!! I realize there is a fine line in what is fair to share about my kids, but because there's a lot of stress on parents when it comes to potty training, I do feel ok saying a little bit. 

We've had a little training potty in our house for a long time, but it was met with terror (and by that I mean epic tantrums) upon the suggestion to use it. Fine. You'll be ready when you're ready. And one day, a couple weeks ago, with a bribe for gum balls (and trust me, we've tried all sorts of bribes over the past year!), he ran into the bathroom, shut the door, and came out SO EXCITED to tell us he used the bathroom all by himself. The first day we had a couple mistakes, but no worries kid! we're onto something. He even woke up with a dry pull up overnight. Then I took my friend's advice and went no undies/pants for a full day so he could get in there and not get frustrated with the whole undressing thing. But now, most days, we're all underwear, all day! We've even had full days with no accidents and I think we're on our way. For us, we just had to let him do it in his own time. He's so proud of himself and we let him know we're proud of him too. 

So - potty training parents out there - especially with kids creeping up to their fourth birthdays - they'll get there in their own good time. Solidarity! 

On the home front I have a lot of projects I'm waiting for a sunny day to photograph and share. I've been having excellent luck with treasure hunting at the second hand shops and brought home two pieces of furniture that made their way into my bedroom update (which is also done and waiting on photos!) It's amazing what some fresh fabric and a staple gun can accomplish.

I'm also attempting to keep up with the updates at my etsy shop. I found ahhhh-maaazzz-ing goodies when I was in Indianapolis last weekend and I've started to post some of them (although a bunch sold yesterday, so follow my shop instagram if you want to stay in the loop!)

So I guess that's all for now! Hope the frickin sun comes out because I dunno if I can handle all of the alternating snow storms and thunder/lightening/rain. With that, I'm gonna take some vitamin D! Have a good one!