Throwback Thursday | Dot + Red

Dorothy and Walter Wedding 1.jpg

Since I'm all in on the family history research these days, I thought I'd do a Throwback Thursday post with some of my grandparent's, Dorothy and Walter (who's nicknames were Dot and Red) wedding photos! If you think I get a kick out of finding old genealogy lines, imagine how much I love seeing these old photos of my grandma and grandpa. I love the amateur snap shots they took with their maid of honor too. So spontaneous and full of love. They really bright the moment back to life! 

Fun Fact: All the girls in my family have had a piece of my grandmother's dress incorporated into their weddings! I wrapped the stems of my bouquet of zinnias my dad, mom and uncle Walt grew for me!

Dorothy Wedding.jpg
dorothy and lorraine.jpg
Schroeder Wedding.jpg
Formal Wedding Portrait.jpg