Throwback Thursday | Mommy + Me Edition

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Romper Back.jpg


Back when I made this romper for Bea Bea I vaguely thought back to an outfit from my own childhood - a red, white and blue dress I wore for my kindergarden school photo in the late 80s. When I was cleaning out my garage a few weeks back I found the actual portrait and thought it would be fun to see it next to the outfit I stitched for Bea. She's a little hard to keep still these days, but I grabbed a couple photos for a side by side. It's a Throwback Thursday - 30 years for me along side my own little girl! 

Oh! Also! Yesterday while thrifting a woman said something like "what a cute outfit! Is it vintage!?" Music to my ears! What a compliment! 

Bea Bea and Watering Can.jpg