Foraging Oyster Mushrooms


One of the things I absolutely cherish about our country life is finding edible delights in the yard. Whether they are for medicinal or culinary use, it’s a thrill for me to find and harvest something and then enjoy it. I’ve documented some of the other things I’ve picked on the blog (like mulberries, violets and plantain) and will continue - even if it’s just a catalogue for myself.   The more I can eat from my own land - the better!!!

Today I’m talking ‘bout ‘shrooms and I’ve gotta say - please do not mistake this post as encouragement to eat wild mushrooms if you have ANY hesitation or questions on their safety. I had a friend who works for the DNR and a local chef confirm these are oysters in addition to doing my own research. After failing to find a single morel this year, I felt like I struck gold when I found these dudes growing on the stump of a felled poplar tree. 

And you better believe we ate 'em! First as a stir fry and then in a pho style soup. Delicious!!  

I’m also hoping to do something with red clover and we are at the start of mulberry season so you’ll be seeing loads of jam and pie (here’s my recipe!) It won’t be long for the veg garden to come alive either!! Ahhh I love spring and summer!!