Notes from the Field | 010

These weeks fly by quickly, especially when having so much fun. Writing from a breakfast spot in Chicago, where I’ve been with Adam this week. He’s got mornings of business stuff so I’ve been exploring solo. It is the first time I’ve been away from Beatrix overnight and I hope I don’t lose mom cred when I say it’s been so reinvigorating to take a break. We also successfully weaned and I’m pretty thrilled with that too. We nursed on deman for 17 months and the timing to phase it out worked out perfectly. I loved feeding my daughter but having my body to myself again feels really great. I’ve been pregnant or nursing for four and a half years!  

But back to Chicago. Damn. I love this place so much. I’ve never really done so much exploring on my own and it reminds me of my single days back in Brooklyn in my 20s. I will recap the spots I’ve enjoyed when I’m back to my laptop next week. So many great meals and treats!  Also: HAMILTON! Just you waaaaait!! It was incredible!! Thanks for all of the Windy City recommendations!  

Next week I’m excited to wrap up some house projects and photograph them as well as doing some progress reports on my genealogy research. Each night I tell Adam about my significant discoveries and it feels like a real life mystery! I’ll pick a couple to share soon! 

Have a wonderful weekend!