Notes from the Field | 011

Hey friends! I have a spare minute here while the kids are watching the Muppets to say hi. So... hi! Summer is feeling very much like it did when I was a kid. It's hot as hell but when it's even remotely tolerable we've been outside. 

Last week we took a vacation to the lake to spend time with family. I've always wondered if I'm the only one who gets annoyed with my husband, kids, parents and siblings on family trips? I'm so jealous of people who seem to get along perfectly with their entire family because someone in our bunch is inevitably crabby.  I ended the week feeling really exhausted and bummed because it wasn't really as fun as I had hoped for. But like my friend told me the other day, vacations with kids are just bringing your problems to a new location. And man - it stays bright really late in Michigan! We were lucky to wind out kids down by 10pm and then we took turns sleeping with one kid in the bed and one on cushions on the floor. 

Anyways, I really do understand there are worse problems in the world than having a vacation dealing with all sorts of over tired people. I think about that a lot actually. I have a really nice life and I'm really grateful. I also know that hard is hard and it's ok to be frustrated with your circumstances. I really don't have the right balance figured out, but probably like many of you, I'm working on it. 

Speaking of feeling lucky, I spent most of Saturday in a daze and counting my blessing after the kids and I were hit by another car in an accident. Everyone, including the other drivers, was ok, and out of the three cars involved, only one needed towed. The experience was jolting emotionally and made me feel so stupid about the little things I've complained about recently (such as the aforementioned vacation grumbles). Those kinds of sharp impacts really do snap you into sort of an existential quest. 

The other take away I had from the accident was the sincere kindness of strangers. No less than three cars stopped to help direct traffic before the sheriff arrived (this all occurred on a state highway which is pretty busy in the summertime). A neighbor of mine nearby helped me get in touch with my husband and held my kids while I talked to firefighters, EMT and the sheriff. Everyone was really amazing. And the thing that crossed my mind in hindsight was this - no one stopped before helping the other person to ask "who did you vote for last election?" or "who do you pray to?" or "tell me your thoughts on gun control?" None of it. People are people. And if I completely disregarded social media I'd probably walk around this world really delighted that mankind is so... kind. And really, at the core of my heart, I do believe almost everyone just wants the best for their families and communities. I'm starting to feel like politicians and the (enormous and corporate) machines behind them are playing on single issues to turn us all against one another.

I'm going to let those thoughts simmer a little before I write about them more, but imagine what could happen in a third viable party - run by women, was like "ENOUGH OF THIS BULL SHIT DUDEZ! We're not getting anything done!"? Will it happen in my lifetime? Could I be a part of it? All things to think about. 

I'll jump away with that. And leave you with some of my latest photos from rolling with my homies (err... children) on drivenaps around the countryside. And from my kitchen and backyard. 

And... does anyone read this anymore? Until next time....