Notes from the Field | 013

Where to begin? How about this? It’s so nice not to have to worry about posting on a blog routinely and just to enjoy it when I want to as a hobby. I can go days without opening my laptop and it just feels good. It’s been nine months since I quit What I Wore and the changes have been, quite frankly, life changing!

In that time I’ve also honored my promise not to buy anything first hand, at least for myself, and haven’t bought any new clothes at all this year. I already have nice clothes! And I rarely get dressed up so when I do, I wear the same few dresses over and over. I probably should care more about my appearance, but now I get to spend that energy in other places and it’s a nice change. I do still believe in the power of clothing to be your best self but I know my best self doesn’t need a blog to document it anymore.

Another change from the past year? I’ve come to really enjoy social media a whole lot more as I’ve redefined what I read/see and who I listen to. I used to get so jealous! But guess what I did? Stopped following those people! If social media is making you feel bad about your life, it’s time to do yourself the favor and stop consuming in those places. It’s. On. You. Or me in this situation. I also stopped using twitter and facebook, aside from the occasional Happy Birthday check in and life is so much better without the drama. No TV either, minus my only vice #bachelornation.

What else? Well… I’ve had some family needs to care for which don’t want broadcast to the world. I’m ok with saying that much but it’s not my story to tell. And it feels right. Maybe it’s age or maturity or just haven’t already been through a decade of sharing EVERYTHING but I just don’t feel compelled to do it anymore.

Lastly, I’ve really been thinking about going back to work at a more formalized job. Like so many people in their 30s, I’m wanting a career change. I certainly don’t want to be a blogger or influencer (ughhhh I hate that word so much!) but I haven’t narrowed down what skills to use or where. I just don’t know yet.