Stars + Stripes Throw Pillow Pattern

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You guys! I have some exciting news! In the past few weeks I have been focusing my time and energy on a new endeavor - Made Again Patterns. Here’s the deal. Y’all know I love thrifting, sewing and combining the two to create one of a kind clothing for myself. I’m also at the point in my life where I am out of the weeds of caring for teeny tiny people as a SAHM into being a mom of more independent children ready to enter their school age years. Thus - I’ve been craving a new gig with the hopes that I can spend time growing my talents, challenging myself with new skills and if I pull this off, also making some money.

To test the waters my first pattern is a patriotic stars and stripes throw pillow created from some 1980s wool skirts and a pair of elastic waist capri pants. This pattern is perfect for beginners and advanced seamstresses alike and will only take a few hours to stitch up.

I’m in the development phase for clothing patterns - draping, sewing samples, grading, and writing and illustrating instructions. I’ll also be creating how-to videos for a range of sewing techniques (so let me know what I can help you with!)

I am so thrilled to do all of my favorite things - sewing, thrifting and teaching others how to do something that has brought me so much joy over the past 25 plus years.

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