Homemade Christmas | Local Honey

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Some of you may know that my dad and uncle are beekeepers and for the past couple years they've helped Adam keep a hive on the roof at Cardinal Spirits. About a month or so ago he was up there to check on the bees and discovered they'd swarmed and left the hive (not uncommon behavior for bees, even if it's a huge bummer). But the silver lining?! They left behind a LOT of honey. Like 99 pounds of honey!!

My dad and Adam spun it out a few weekends ago and with some much liquid gold, we thought it would be fun to bottle it up and share with our friends and neighbors for the Holidays. I went to work designing a label and printed them out on sticker paper. I then used one of my bee stamps and some golden ink for the finishing touch. Finally I scooped and filled each bottle and capped them (thanks for the supplies Dad!) I'm really pleased with how cute they came out! I think I'll used a similar design and sell it at the market this summer! I'm really excited to learn more about beekeeping with my dad and take on more hives here at the farm.

We use honey in everything from baking to spread on toast, but I would love for your recipes. If you're local, you can also get Honey Schnapps (made with my dad's honey) at the distillery for a limited time.

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