A Tintype Portrait Sitting with Giles Clement


Adam treated me to something really amazing last week - a tintype portrait session! In the era of digital photography, there's no shortage of personal imagery. Hello, ten years of What I Wore! Yet, all of those shots were part of a larger set, which were then edited down, cropped, brightened or darkened before landing on my site. It's almost hard to imagine what photography used to be like when one shot was all you got! It's a mixture of artistry, science and skill!


So let's just play time traveler and go back 170ish years for a tintype photo session. Photographer Giles Clement paid a visit to Bloomington and we signed up for a spot to have our portrait done on tin with a lens from 1849. I asked him for something romantic and moody. The lights were set and we stood still for a couple seconds while the camera captured our souls. Then, before our very eyes, the plate went into the developing wash and lo and behold - there we were! What an incredible experience to be a part of and to witness. We hung around a while longer to watch the next family sit for their shot as well and it's just nothing short of magic!


You can see more of Giles' work on his website or follow him on instagram