2015 Whole 30 Results

Whole 30, Whole 30 Results

Well, we did it! Another (Almost) Whole 30 down for the Quirks! This time around, we gave ourselves a little more grace to bend the rules when it worked for our family. For example…

Why Almost? Going into this month, I knew I wasn’t going to be as strict as my first Whole 30. Our breakfast meats (sausage and bacon) had a little sugar. I’m ok with that. We had rice a couple of times with our stir fries. Again, not a big issue for me. When my sister was in town and we had the chance for a date night, you better believe I enjoyed every single sip of that glass of wine and chocolate dessert. That said, we only went off course a handful of times. Our day in, day out eating was pretty by the book. 

On Cooking A big difference for me is that I’ve taken on more responsibility for cooking. We did a meat CSA with a local farmer and the variety of meats really helped keep things different and interesting. On weekends we filled our grocery carts with a rainbow of fruits and veggies. I really upped the ante on my salad game. Variety really made this enjoyable!

Results Measurement wise, I’m down about 2 inches at my bust, an inch and a half at the waist and an inch at the hips. I lost 6.6lbs total and I’m into pants one size up from my pre-pregnancy size. Heck yea!

Clean Eating and Nursing Many of you have been curious as to whether my milk supply would hold up with a big change in eating habits. I’m thrilled to report that we had no problems and Felix actually gained over 2 pounds while I was on my Whole 30!

Our Future Plans We like the way we feel when eat a paleo diet, so we’re going to stick with it using an 80/20 balance. That’s roughly 4 meals a week to indulge in other things. For me that’s waffles and wine and chocolate. Adam likes crunchy chips and a cold beer. We do better with a plan and having treats worked into that works realy well for us!

Did you try a Whole 30 this January or have plans for one in 2015! I’d love to hear about your success!