2016 Fitness Goals

2016 Fitness Goals, Old Navy Active

When it comes to fitness, you’re going to hear a lot of people say they want to be healthy because that’s good for them. I fall into that camp too, but the higher priority for me right now is to be smoking hot! I might as well call it like it is!! Here’s why:

During the last two years my body had a big job. For the first nine months I was pregnant and for 16 months after that I had to eat enough to nourish myself and nurse my son. Before I have another baby, I’d like to have a few months to really focus on getting stronger, improve my endurance and set myself up to be in the best shape of my life. But like i said above - mainly, I wanna look good!

I usually gauge my general fitness on whether or not I can fit into most of my clothes instead of pounds (but if you’re wondering I’d like to lose 10 to get back to my pre-pregnancy self!) Right now, my jeans are feeling a little tight and I’ve gotten into a bad habit of just wearing work out clothes all day (even on days when I don’t work out. Whoops).

For these photos I was on en route to the gym after work and wore pieces from Old Navy’s TRAIN Active line (today’s post sponsors) that I bought with a gift card and picked out myself. I ended up wearing the cute navy jacket with my regular clothes all weekend too because while it’s fleece and perfect to up the ante on a workout outfit, it could really work both ways. I really like compression top leggings too because my belly is still jiggly and I like to hide it as much as I can. Of all the leggings I’ve ever had, these are by far the best at sucking in that area! (Personal Request - build this technology into your swim wear too!) I’m also wearing a tank top I had in my closet and an everyday activity sports bra from Old Navy. I’m not running much and my ta tas are getting back to their regular size so this style is supportive for whatever I end up doing at the gym.

My diet is on track so now I’m trying to figure out the right kind of activities to do as exercise. My family and I joined the YMCA so I’ve been experimenting with different classes (Bootcamp and Zumba so far) and I’m still looking for the right fit. I know I’d like to get back into a yoga or pilates class and I really like lifting weights. 

The most fun thing I’ve done so far is to strap on my Ergo 360 and pop Felix in the back. He’s a sturdy 26 pounds so walking on the indoor track for two miles plus a couple sets of lunges, squats and rows make for a great workout! When it feels like fun, it’s a lot less loathsome (treadmill, I’m looking at you!). 

Ideally I’d like to find a class or two that I take regularly and can look forward to mixed in with the baby backpack workout. Maybe something with weights or a dance class? I’d like to try out Barre or maybe even a water based class. I will keep you posted! I’d love to hear what kind of workouts you’re into these days! 

2016 Fitness Goals, Old Navy Active

Today’s post was brought to you by my long time partners at Old Navy. Whether you’re running, training or taking a studio class, they have a full line of cute active wear at affordable prices. Thanks for supporting the brands that sponsor What I Wore!