60 Second Eye Makeup

I don’t know about you, but a little bit of “me time” everyday (in the form of doing my hair and a bit of makeup) makes me feel really good about myself. And I don’t spend much time on it either! I’ve found that in under 60 seconds I can make my eyes look bright and awake with two very simple tools. 

Here’s a look at my before face. I’m wearing some light foundation and tinted lip balm with nothing on my eyes.

So first I’m going to clean up the strays around my eyebrows. I like to do this every few days instead of one big session. I follow the natural shape of my brow using a slanted tweezer from Sally Hansen.

Now that they’re all cleaned up, I use powder and a small angled brush to fill them in, focusing on the outer portions and my scar.

Ok! Now it’s time for the most simple, yet big difference you can make with eye make up - the eyelash curler. I used to use one all of the time but got away from the habit. Now I’m back and when combined with one coat of mascara, it makes my eyes pop! The curler I’m using is also from Sally Hansen. Don’t cheap out on your tools. A couple of years ago I learned this the hard way when an eyelash curler broke off my lashes. Yikes. 

If that seems simple, it is! You don’t need ten or twenty or fifty steps to add a little umph to your eye makeup. Sometimes I’ll do a cat eye liner as well, but for little errands or trips to the store, this is how I do my face! 

Heads Up! This post was made possible by Style Coalition and Sally Hansen. Thank you for supporting the brands that make What I Wore possible!