A What I Wore Make Under!

Ta da! Welcome to the new layout and design of What I Wore. Armed only with patience and a sleeping toddler, I designed and coded the new site all by myself! Each time I attempt to learn more about CSS I feel more confident and I’m surprised by how much I like doing it! But enough about that… here’s what’s changed and what’s stayed the same.

You’ll notice things are clean and simple around here. I want you to get to the content you want and make it easy! I’m going to eliminate page breaks in my daily outfit posts and only use them on longer form essays. I like the old school blog format where you just scroll through a page versus having 20 articles to choose from or worse yet - only one post per page!

I’ve decided to eliminate banner ads for the time being as well. I can’t control the look and feel of them (unless a specific campaign comes up) and honestly - they can be distracting from the rest of the content. Instead, I’ll be displaying customized widgets of what I’m shopping for myself at the moment (like the boots section between the first and second post!)

My menu bar has remained the same, and I’ve been working on my galleries to make sure every image is clickable and can take you directly to the outfit post you want. If you haven’t checked it out, this is a good way to see a lot of outfits at once! As always, if you’re only interested in seeing outfit photos, please update your bookmark to the Daily Outfits tab.

I’ve been testing the new design on Chrome and Sarfari, which account for over 75% of my readers and working to make IE and Firefox just as pretty! If you see a kink or notice a problem, please let me know and I will tinker away to fix it!

I hope you like the new, more simple version of What I Wore!