Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day without big gifts

It’s February and honestly, it’s a such blah month, which is why I think Valentine’s Day became so popular. Also, Hallmark. I could do a gift guide right about now, but didn’t we just have Christmas? Our little wish lists have been fulfilled for the next year or longer! 

Simple thoughtful gestures or breaks in the normal routine are good for relationships. We get up, go to work, raise the children, make dinner and go to bed. The days, weeks and months can blur together. So thank goodness for a sappy day on the calendar to snap out of it, celebrate or get romantic with the people we care about. 

Here are a few ideas to spread a little love instead of spending on ‘spency gifts. Some of them are a bit more effort and some of them don’t seem like a big deal at all. But if you put all of the dishes in the dishwasher when she’s not looking, she will notice.

Here are a few more…

  1. Get up early and surprise him or her with donuts
  2. Compliment something mundane that you notice about your partner, but never mention out loud.
  3. Go out for a cup of coffee (if you usually make it at home)
  4. Or brew a pot at home
  5. Get his car washed and fill up the tank.
  6. Do her share of chores for the day
  7. Or take over the early wake up times with the kids
  8. Ditch your phone for the day
  9. Hand over the remote
  10. Snuggle up on the same couch.
  11. And watch something together, even if it’s not your usual choice…
  12. While holding hands
  13. Draw him or her a bath, make their favorite drink and get out of the way
  14. Hide post it love notes in random places…
  15. Like in the fridge 
  16. Or the diaper drawer 
  17. Or on her steering wheel 
  18. Or in the record player 
  19. Do a thirty second hug instead of a quick squeeze
  20. Sit down with a pile of old magazines and make home made Valentine’s cards together

Do you have any fun traditions or other ideas you’d like to share? Join the conversation on my facebook page.

If anyone’s asking, my dream Valentine’s Day would be an easy and early bedtime for my son, a glass of really nice wine, dinner at home followed by chocolate lava cake, getting it on and then a solid 8 hours of sleep. Hashtag mom dreams.