Cultivating Your Personal Style | Maximizing Your Current Closet

How to Maximize your Current Closet

Now that I have my mood boards handy, I can check out my own closet to see what items I can highlight this fall. It’s important for me to be very clear and stress that I do NOT buy a full wardrobe of all new clothes each season! I don’t have the budget or the desire to start over from scratch. I have my core closet of basics all set and ready to go plus the items you’ll see below. Two of the things I know I’ll be adding to my wardrobe are this spice toned suede jacket and I bought fabric to make some amazing rust colored high waisted flares (wish me luck!). I also bought this Free People dress for a possible wedding guest outfit and it was too small in the lower ribs. Waiting until the end of my Whole30 to see if it fits or if I need to size up!

Ok! Let’s talk about favorites I’ve already got and can’t wait to wear to fit my seventies throwback theme!

Shearling Jacket

Shearling Jacket 

I made this beauty last fall when I was pregnant and I think it will be so cute over the Free People dress or with a navy turtleneck and those rust flares. And I’ll definitely repeat it just as you see here (with regular jeans instead of maternity of course!). Simply said - it’s a great neutral that’s going to get a lot of milage!

Fringe Leather Bag

I bought this beauty during the Nordstrom Sale a few years ago and it’s one of my most used handbags. I love the color and style and it’s big enough for a couple diapers, wipes and my wallet. I rarely carry a diaper bag at all actually! Anyway, this will look great with my new thrifted boots as well as others already in my closet.

Shearling Jacket

Navy Peacoat

Say 1970s and I’ll instantly think of one of my favorite movies - Love Story. Ali McGraw wears a navy peacoat and it’s such a great classic. It works as easily with modern looks as it does more vintage styled outfits. I like navy because of how it works with so many other colors in my closet! 

Cream Cable Turtleneck

This is another classic that looks great with just about every jacket or pair of pants in my closet. It’ll be worn a lot - just like in years past!

Dark Denim Flares

High Waisted Dark Denim

I love these Frame jeans (I wore this over the weekend which you can see here) because they make my legs look super long and the stretch fabric makes them comfortable! Also - they go with just about everything!

Vintage Camel Cape

Camel Cape

This vintage cape is best suited for days when I’m not holding kids (cause let’s be real, capes are not easy with full hands), but I like this piece a lot!

Vintage Leather Jacket

Oxblood Vintage Leather Crop Jacket

I can still remember buying this piece at a Fort Wayne Goodwill over 15 years ago! It’s gotten a makeover (it was originally a long coat) but I wear it a lot more cropped off. I like the wide collar and braided details!

Denim Skirt

High Waisted Denim Skirt

I want to give this skirt a little more love this season. Obviously it didn’t work for me when I was pregnant last year, but I think paired with boots and a hippy-esque boots it would be super cute at some end of the summer barbecues. 

High Waisted Jeans

High Waisted Button Front Jeans

Ugh. These jeans got misplaced during our move and they are the one thing I wish I could find most! The rise is so cute and I hope I can even tailor them in a little bit for a more defined waist.

Maxi Dress

Navy Ditty Print Maxi Dress

One of my all time favorite dresses (see all of the ways I’ve worn it here) will absolutely be worn a bunch this fall. I think I’ll give it a new look by wearing it with the suede jacket I mentioned above with a navy floppy hat.

Vintage Purple Jacket

Purple Printed Chiffon Dress

Here’s another dress I can’t wait to pair with the suede moto jacket and boots for a kid free afternoon or evening. 

These aren’t the only pieces I’m excited to feature, but they are a good start! I have some vintage sweaters and printed skirts and dresses I hope I fit into soon too! 

For the final portion of this series, I’ll recap the pieces I’ve put on my wishlist and more ideas for how I’ll style them up! Stay tuned!