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How to Cultivate Your Personal Style with Shopping (Hint: You don't need all new everything!

Now that I’ve created a mood board with ideas that inspire me and checked out what I already have in my closet, I can plan for how I’ll budget out and shop this fall. Before we dig into that - a little side story. Let’s stroll down memory lane a bit, shall we?

I’ve always love planning and shopping for fall clothes and it’s something I enjoyed with my mom when I was growing up. Each year before school started, we’d tour the mall and do pre-shopping. I’d make a list of what I liked, how much it cost and then determined what would fit into my budget. I’d have to get fall shoes/boots and a coat in there too, so it made me into a smart little shopper. We’d also hit up the fabric store to find coordinating fabrics for things like skirts (which are so easy to make!). The best part was laying out everything we’d bought on the living room floor and mixing and matching outfits. I’d put on a little fashion show for my mom by trying each one on and she’d say “oh Jessica! I love that one!” It’s such a fun memory I have with my mom and it’s really influenced the way I think about shopping now. 

Bonus Fun Fact! I wrote down everything I wore during my entire Junior and Senior year in my planner with a system for repeating outfits. Is What I Wore the blog any surprise? 

Without further ado, here’s how I’m looking at my closet for this fall. I know I have my basics covered and I’m bad at adding tops, so that’s the first category I’m trying to focus on. 


Navy and Hunter Green Sweater You’ll see this in an outfit post tomorrow. It feels slightly nostalgic, almost old school collegiate, but could be modern too with a pair of jeans. I really like the light weight yarn and it’s not too expensive either. Currently out of stock but I bet they’ll do a re-order! 

Aqua and White Short Sleeved Sweater This definitely feels vintage and I like the colors that will be really cute with dark denim or the spice tones I’m really liking this year. On sale for $24.99

Pink Vacation Tee If I’m honest with myself, I do wear a lot of tee shirts when I’m doing my stay-at-home-mom thing, so it’s worth it to me to get something cute. I have nothing in this shade of pink and again, I think it’ll be cute with denim or rust.

Rainbow Indiana Tee I don’t have a photo of the actual shirt I’m waiting on at a local store, but it’s kind of like this one. Will be so cool with high waisted anything!

Navy Eyelet Top This is more of a transitional piece (which I bet will be on sale soon!) but for me it checks all of the boxes for what I’m drawn to these days. The navy eyelet is a nice alternative to the white eyelet I have so much of and I think it’ll be a great spring/summer/vacation blouse for years to come.

Spice Toned Suede Jacket This sort of fills my need for both my tops and color categories. It’s going to layer over just about everything this fall, so don’t be surprised if you see it multiple times per week! It looks like the version I’ve bought is sold out, but here’s one that’s similar. 

Navy on Navy Polka Dot Blouse One of my recent sewing projects that looks great with jeans and will layer well under fall jackets.

Striped Sweater I’m working on knitting a striped sweater that has all of the colors I really love this season. Stay tuned on this one!


White Printed Sundress Although this one is white, it has a lot of cute potential during cooler months layered over a black turtleneck and black tights. I got it on super sale too! Here’s the closet version I could find (both are from Old Navy)

Free People Dress On the more expensive end of the spectrum is the faded red floral number that I bought last month (and exchanged for a size up! It really does run small around the ribs). Again - it checks many boxes and will be wearable year round.


I’ve been doing a lot of thrift shopping and sewing for my bottom pieces, so I don’t have links or photos, but I’ll tell you about them anyway!

I made this pair of high waisted jeans and I will use the pattern to make a duplicate pair in a burnt orange fabric and a skinny leg option in rigid cone denim.

I’ve thrifted two leather skirts (one of which you’ll see on the blog tomorrow) - one fluted lighter weight leather and the other a suede mini.

A vintage chambray wool skirt (potentially will be shortened into a mini) and a polka dot wrap midi skirt round out my latest finds.


I’m really digging these sunglasses I got for $12! Hello 1978!

I am so excited about getting dressed this fall. I’ve got a renewed appreciation for my body and get to wear some of my old clothes again. Sewing and knitting make me so happy so incorporating my self made pieces keeps me feeling creative as well. 

What’s your fall vibe? Are you thrifting, making or investing in anything special? Share with me on my Instagram page!

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