Daily Life in Snaps | May 22

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WhatIWore: It’s been a long time since I’ve done a daily life in snaps post, but fun things are happening around here, so I wanted to share!

Spring in Indiana is gorgeous and so many of my neighbors have these giant peony bushes in shades of pink and white. And they smell beautiful too! 

A couple of years ago I learned my grandma’s pie recipe and ever since, I’ve been on a quest to bake 100 pies (tagged #jessicas100pies on instagram). This blueberry custard (23/100) was made for my brother’s birthday. 

Speaking of baking, I’m trying my hand at making bread! This cinnamon raisin loaf was incredible! Recipe found here. 

Adam and I have always loved the great outdoors and we hope to instill that in Felix too! Here we are on a family hike on Mother’s Day! We use the Ergo360 carrier and love it. 

At a little before six months, we started introducing solid foods to Felix, but this was the first time I made him a full plate to eat along side us at dinner (normally we feed him small bites of whatever we’re having). He did a great job and ate about 2/3 of it! We skipped the babyfood stage and feed him solid foods (but he’s still getting the majority of his nutrients from breastmilk). We started with soft stuff like bananas before he had teeth, but now he’s able to gnaw on just about everything!! Big boy

A little shout out to my local coffee shop - Hopscotch! I go there for a lavender latte a couple times a week. It’s soooooo good!! (And it doesn’t hurt that daddy’s work is just a few steps down the B-Line!)

Last but not least - I bought a car! Well, it’s actually an SUV and it’s the first time I’ve bought a vehicle on my own!  We’ve been driving a used 2001 model since moving back to Indiana and with Adam’s sales trips around the state, we decided to add on a second car for me. It’s used but in good shape and my dad helped me through each step (he’s been in the car business forever!) Thanks Dad!

This weekend we’re going to be getting our yard in gear and planting our window boxes! I have some new things for my patio I’m excited to put out too! It’s time to start living outside, baby!

Hope you have a great long weekend and I’ll see you on Tuesday!