Do Over | Macarons 2.0

lemon macarons, macarons

WhatIWore: Last week I was baking like a mad woman! I made 8 batches of macaroons and was pretty proud of my Pumpkin Spice coffee flavored ones that I posted that week… that is until they turned to mush less than 24 hours later. Boo! They could have been prettier too… I still have so much practice until they’re shaped properly. I’ll get there eventually!  

Set on improving my results, this weekend with my mom’s help, we made them again. Using your advice (especially you, LMR) I slammed down my trays after piping and before setting up to get more bubbles out. Now we’re getting closer!! Slightly rounded top! Little lifted feet! We did a lemon buttercream using lemon extract and lemon rind and hallelujah it was incredible. I still need to figure out how to get the entire macaroon filled (because the top dome is hollow and thus super fragile). Who’s got a tip for me?