Extending Your Core Closet | Spring Selections

Spring Wardrobe Staples

WhatIWore: Each season I like to start off my wardrobe with some core items that I know I’ll mix and match many ways. I’ve posted about my year round (see below) and winter core closets before, and today I’ll outline what I like on hand for spring! 

To quickly recap those core building blocks for your closet, they are:

Building your Core Closet, Capsule Closet

Chambray Button Down |  Olive Green Utility Jacket  |  Denim Jacket  |  Classic Jeans  |  Striped Tee Shirt  |  Black Skirt  |  Black Pants (or Jeans)  |  Sunglasses  |  Leather Sandals  |  Leather Boots

White Eyelet or Lace Top

I love the contrast of a delicate white top with destructed denim or skinny olive chinos. I’m so drawn to these kinds of tops that I’ve been adding a new one (or two!) each year. 

These are really on trend this year and available at all price points. I like looking for special versions at Anthropologie, but have also found cute options at Old Navy, Target and even thrift shopping. 

White Eyelet Top, SAHM outfit


Fashion Denim

I’m a stay at home mom and I wear jeans a lot - so it makes sense for me to spend more of my budget in updated styles and washes each year. I’m a denim girl! This spring I’ve really been into high waisted styles. They’re on trend and they give my lower tummy the support I need after recently having a baby. I’ve found I need to size up to accommodate my midsection. 

I also really like cropped styles this year - including wide leg and flared styles! My two favorite pairs are from J.Crew (bought last spring) and similar styles are all over the place like Nordstrom for premium denim or Old Navy for a bargain.

High Rise Wide Leg Jeans, Spring Outfit

Rain Jacket

Spring showers anyone? A waterproof layer is a good addition to any closet if you live in a region that gets a lot of rain this type of year. I love yellow to contrast cloudy skies and uplift my mood. This spring I’m favoring more sporty options (to go with aforementioned denim), but I also love a classic trench style. 

I’ve had my classic yellow LL Bean rain slicker for seven years and the styles below are from Nordstrom. 

Yellow Rain Jacket, Rainy Day Outfit


If you’re gonna pop on a rain slicker, you’re probably interested in keeping your feet dry too, right? Rubber rain boots are so classic I consider then a one time investment. And there’s no age or personal style that doesn’t work with them. I’ve had my green pair for 12 years! I’d recommend a neutral black, navy or grey for your first pair (and to wear with a bold rain jacket). Once you have that covered, just pick your favorite color of the rainbow!

Nordstrom or Zappos are great places to pick these up - hello free shipping and returns!! 


Skinny Utility Pants

Another basic bottom I really like are olive green skinnies - they go with all of the same tops as a pair of jeans would, but give you some variation. I recommend going for a cropped or ankle length style, worn without socks (so go with sandals, a heel or loafers).

Target, Nordstrom, J.Crew and J.Crew Factory are my go-to spots for pants like these! 

Utility Pants, Olive Green Skinnies


Light Weight Sweater

For days when the sun is shining but there’s still a chill in the air, a lighter weight sweater is the perfect solution. I’m pushing myself to try to wear more color, but I’m really digging navy with my new(ish) blonde hair. I also feel like a v-neck is the most flattering cut for me right now, but pick a style that makes the best sense for your lifestyle.

Your favorite stores will definitely have some basic options - I’ll be looking at J.Crew Factory or Target.