Family Album | Halloween 2017

Happy (almost!) Halloween! Here’s what my kids wore this year for Halloween. (We did a pumpkin carving party Sunday night and that’s probably going to be it!) Now that Felix is finally old enough, he decided on his own costume. He wanted to be a firefighter, which gave me a head start thanks to his red fireman’s rain jacket we already had. I saw the rain boots at Rural King a month ago and he needs them anyway. Yay for practicality! That left me to just DIY his tee shirt which was a five minute project. I used 1″ yellow duct tape to make suspenders (on the front only) and an iron on fire patch on a plain black tee shirt. He was so stoked to hold our fire extinguisher for photos too! 

Lil Miss Bea is…. a honey bee! Her costume was also a quick DIY and came together in a half hour or so. I used multiple layers of tulle to create the wings, including some interior stitching to give them a natural sort of look. I sewed those to a plain black onesie. Then I finished it off with that same yellow duct tape! I left her snaps undone, which gave her bottom the look of a bee’s abdomen. She wore that over a long sleeve onesie and leggings.  I made her headband using one leg of an old pair of my tights (it’s the perfect length and softness for a baby’s head!) and threaded a curled pipe cleaner underneath. Bada bing, bada boom! 

Adam went as a farmer. Truth time = he wore the exact same thing the day before when we were doing chores around the property. So I’m giving him an A+ for realism!

I started both kids costumes the morning of the party we went to yesterday… so if you’re throwing together a child’s costume tonight - you can do it! 

See more of my homemade Halloween costumes here! I’ll post my costume tomorrow!