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WhatIWore: When it comes to preferred silhouettes, my favorite is definitely a nipped in waistline, usually with high waisted jeans or a vintage style circle skirt. Lately I’ve been trading that in for even higher empire lines, but this is one outfit I can’t wait to wear again when the time is right! Everything featured is back in stock!  

Bold Black Shades - A couple years ago I proclaimed that I didn’t like spending more than $20 on a pair of sunglasses, but last year, I changed my tune. I was vacationing with a group of friends and tried on a pair of Karen Walker shades and loved the shape, fit and heavier feel of the acetate. They’re so chic and come with a hard case, which lessens the risk of losing them or sitting on ‘em and breaking 'em. Definitely an investment, but also a quick way to add a little glamour to any basic look. I wear mine all the time

Black and Cream Blouse - This blouse looks equally cute tucked in, as shown here, or untucked, say with a pair of black cigarette pants? Very Audrey Heburn. 

Black Circle Skirt - I’ve had this skirt in my closet for at least three years and it’s a great addition for any girl who likes to play with a retro style look here and there, but doesn’t want to look like a page out of a 1950s magazine. It’s got the twirl, but can easily be paired with something a little bit modern, like a cute graphic tee. See more ways I’ve worn this skirt here, here and here

Ankle Strap Pumps - These ladylike steppers rank high on comfort and look great with bare legs or black tights. If I know I’m going to be on my feet for a while or doing a lot of walking, I wear these because of the lower heel height.  See more examples of how I’ve worn them here, here and here