Gift Gorgeously | A Beauty Lover’s Guide


WhatIWore: I’m a sucker for a great gift set. I love the chance to try out a new selection of products and they make for wonderful gifts for others. And don’t tell anyone on my list but sometimes I split them up as little package decorations or stocking stuffers too! Plus things in miniature are just so. much. fun!

For this gift guide, I’m pointing you to my post sponsor Ulta Beauty and their #giftgorgeously selections. I picked these sets from their holiday gift guide at under the Beauty Superfan personality (i.e. “for the gal who believes life is too short for one just lipstick!”)


Featured above: 

Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette - I’m recommending this set because I’ve used the NAKED palettes for a long time and they’re perfect for the kind of gal that likes to play up her eyes but isn’t going to be wearing bright blue or purple eye shadow. Multiple tones make for great highlighting and adding depth. My sister will love this in her stocking! 

Bare Minerals Love at First Kiss Lipstick Set - If I could only pick one piece of makeup for my purse, it’s absolutely a lipstick. This set is showing sold out online, but try their Bare Minerals Lovely Lips Unlocked kit. Perfect for a bestie who loves to play with pops of color. 

IT Brushes for ULTA - Ever notice how professional makeup artists have dozens of brushes? I love having multiples for applying different shades of blush or eyeshadow. These are super soft and come in a nice case. Great for any woman that enjoys doing her makeup. 

Butter London Shadow Clutch Palette - Here’s another set of neutral shadows - this time with a little more shine - perfect for an evening out! The case is chic too! (Perfect for a niece or for a Secret Santa exchange) 

For part two of my post, I took a little field trip up the road to get some tips from the pros on how to apply everything.  I’ve been wearing the same simple black cat eyeliner for years and I need a push to try something new. I also asked for a little help with my brows, as I have a scar running through my right eyebrow, which I like to fill in.


I’d never been to the Greenwood Ulta Beauty location (it just opened this past September) and it was really bright and beautiful. The staff greeted me at the door and after a quick tour I started my brow consultation. I loved the experience (thanks Cassie!) so much that I think I’ll make it a semi regular part of my routine (it was an hour drive both ways, so not something I can manage all of time). I also really liked the products used, so much so that I bought both a Benefit Instant Brow pencil and the Benefit Gimme Brow gel to use at home. They were a splurge but I feel like a trillion dollars with my perfectly arched and filled in eyebrows!

Next I had a makeup application which turned me on to Lancome Grandiose Mascara. Again, a splurge but I felt so wide eyed after my makeup artist Amber applied it.

Gift Gorgeously with Ulta Beauty

It was such a huge treat to get away for the morning and to be dolled up. Wouldn’t a makeup consultation be a fun gift for a women who needs some pampering? I would have loved something like this as a mom to a newborn when I had some serious dark circles and no clue how to make myself presentable! Big thanks to Ulta Beauty for making this day happen! 

Heads up! The product featured in this post, along with the salon services I experienced were gifts of Ulta Beauty. My instore purchases were with my own dime and I can whole heartedly recommend everything mentioned in this post!