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Gift Guide for Knitters, What to buy a knitter, supplies for a new knitter

WhatIWore: In addition to baking, I’m also really into knitting these days! While it may look complicated (and certainly can be), it’s a really zen way to spend the cold weather months. I could knit for hours on end! If you know someone that might like to take up knitting there are a lot of budget friendly items he or she could enjoy!

1. Pretty Yarn! There are endless options of beautiful yarn out there! For a new knitter I think a worsted weight (that pairs well with size 6-8 needles) would be a great gift! I could link up to a million sites online, by why not visit your locally owned yarn store? I’m really loving Malabrigo yarns right! 

2. Set of Knitting Needles - If your knitter likes making hats or sweaters, she’ll appreciate round knitting needles and double points (in the same size). 

One of my best investments for my knitting kit has been a set of interchangable knitting round knitting needles in 24-32″ lengths.  Every knitter will have her own preference, but I really like these bamboo needles the best. They’ve got enough grip but still let the yarn flow smoothly as you knit. On loftier yarns, I’ve really enjoyed my turbo needles (not cheap but makes for a nice present). 

This is a good one to get a gift receipt for, just incase you’ve doubled something she already has in her stash.

3. Knitting Notions -  New knitters will benefit from gadgets like a counter, gauge ruler, and markers

4. Etsy Gift Card - There are a lot of beautiful patterns available online (here’s the one I designed!) and especially etsy. A small gift card ($10-15) would cover a few of them for your recipient to pick out! 

5. VOGUEknitting Subscription - This is one I’m asking for myself! Each issue has around 20 patterns and a lot of them are super trend forward and modern. I’ve made everything from sweaters to hats and I’ll keep each issue on my bookshelf for future project inspiration! 

6. Knitting Reference Books - I’ve been playing around with making my own patterns and have used my Cables and Arans book a lot! I’d also love something on Fair Isle knitting. And while it’s not the newest book on the shelf, this reference text is my go-to for quick help. 

7. Pom Pom Maker - Sure, you can make pom poms without it, but I’ve found this tool to be so handy! I’m putting pom poms on everything lately!