Gift Guide | Outdoorsy Type

gifts for the outdoorsy type

WhatIWore: Know someone who loves nothing more than camping out and sitting ‘round the fire? These gift ideas span from stocking stuffers to bigger splurges and could work for a guy or gal! 

Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide - a cute little stocking stuffer with loads of tips and tricks for spending time in the great outdoors.

Firestarter - I’ve got a huge respect for those who can start a fire with minimal matches or any fuel! 

State or National Park Pass - Annual passes start anew January 1, which make Christmas the perfect time to give one as a gift! 

High Quality Sleeping Bag - This one falls into the splurge category, so best for an avid camper that could use an update. Also - check out this double sleeper! Cozy! 

Waterproof Outdoor Blanket - I’m such a sucker for red and black plaid and this one looks extra snuggly.  

Dutch Oven - Every fall my family makes a huge batch of chilli in a similar pot over the fire. This is the kind of gift someone might not buy for themselves, but would be a wonderful gift for an outdoorsy chef! 

Enamelware Coffee Pot - Honestly, I just want this for my own campsite! I love drinking coffee outside in the cold! (I like these enamelware mugs too)

Cute First Aid Kit - I like things that are ka-yoot. That’s ‘cute’ drawn out into a squeal. Of course a basic drug store variety is good to have on hand, but this one has a retro, old school appeal.

Other fun suggestions:

Day Hiker’s Backpack filled with packaged granola bars, jerky or dried fruit, a disposable camera, a mini bug spray, a new water bottle and map of a park they might enjoy.

Camp Side Kit with a deck of cards, a flask full of bourbon, a notebook and pen (we love Field Notes!), a fancy bar of chocolate, hand warmers and a cozy knitted hat. 

Camp Shower Mini Set - Some folks might shiver at the thought of communal camp showers, but when you’ve been hiking and camping days on end, they can feel like the biggest luxury! Make it even more special by making a little set of things like mini shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, nice soap (like the handmade kind you buy at farmer’s markets), a pair of flip flops and a package of cleansing wipes (I like the Burt’s Bees grapefruit scented ones!) all in a zippered bag that’s easy to pack.