Guys Gift Guide

Gift Guide for Men

Hello ladies. I’m Jessica’s husband, Adam. This is my first guest post on What I Wore. Jessica asked me to write a list of things I like that could make good gifts for the guy in your life. If your man is anything like me, he’ll enjoy something from this list. I suppose if he’s exactly like me, he’ll enjoy all of them. So without further delay, here’s my Guys Gift Guide.

Opinel French knives

Probably my favorite gift to give because they are really beautiful, really inexpensive, and really French.

Sonos Speaker

I’m actually asking for this one for Christmas, so can’t vouch for quality, only going by lots of great reviews. We have a Bose bluetooth thing now, which sounds good, but can only hold one Bluetooth device in memory. These Sonos guys come with a control app so you can play local music, streaming services and other fun stuff.

Audio Technica turntable

We have this turntable. It has one job - to play records - and it does that well. It also looks good, and is a relatively inexpensive machine for its level of quality.

USA made flannel shirts (also here and here)

I’m asking for these as well. I’ve been wearing plaid flannel shirts since the 90s and don’t see that changing any time soon. It’s my uniform. I’d like to upgrade my red plaid to an American-made thicker fabric shirt.


These are great for the Summer. Pretty much all I wear when the temperature is above 60.


Just bought these a couple months ago and couldn’t be happier. Made in USA, super tough, super comfortable, and they look good too. I’d buy some Sno-Seal to go with it, and waterproof them.

Wigwam socks

I’ve been wearing these for years in the boot months. Warm and comfortable, like socks.

Woodworking and Tools

Wusthoff Santoku 7”

The best all-around knife in the block. I’m a big fan of multi-use tools, and this thing can do pretty much anything. I would rather have two of these than a whole block of single-job knives.

Calphalon omelette pan

I’m sensing a trend here, and learning something about myself. This is another all-around great pan with tons of different uses. Why buy a skillet and a saucepan when you can buy one great pan that does both those things well? The answer is don’t, buy this.

Art from China

Wired wrote an article about this industry and it is amazing. These artists reproduce famous paintings by hand, stroke for stroke. They also create custom, unique paintings to your specification. I would love a portrait of myself looking really presidential, but maybe I have mustard on my collar or I’m holding a taco or something. 


Well this could get out of hand, but here are some of the best books I think all men should read.

Watch from Timex

Buy him a sturdy watch that works in all situations, and he’ll stop checking his stupid phone during dinner and at parties just to see what time it is, which leads to checking email, twitter, etc.

iPhone case from Carved

I found this company via  but then realized they were in Elkhart, Indiana just a couple hours up the road. Love their work. I have this one, custom made for a reasonable price.


I love planting things and watching them grow. He might too. Or if he doesn’t, he might learn if you buy him some seeds. Here are some beautiful, useful plants that are pretty hardy in the US. 

Copper Mugs

My favorite way to drink cold beverages, because they taste extra cold. This is a solid copper mug, perfect for Moscow Mules and all sorts of other iced cocktails. This one has my distillery’s logo on it, and the proceeds go towards building our tasting room. They make great gifts!

The Perfect Whiskey glass

These are the best whiskey glasses I’ve ever used. They work better than the classic Glencairn taster, and look cooler too. Just got them back in stock. Last year we sold out, so get em while they’re hot.