How Do You Feel About | Faux Flowers?

faux flowers, fake flowers

WhatIWore: I think I’ve come full circle on my feelings for fake flowers. When I was a little girl - I loved ‘em. My mom had a huge stash of silk flowers for all seasons and was always arranging and rearranging them for spring, summer, fall and winter. She let me play with them too and make arrangements for my room. I’ll never forget when I did a big display of tulips behind my headboard one spring! I’ve always been a DIYer! 

When I lived in New York City, I got spoiled by low priced fresh flowers, available on just about every corner. A dozen roses were less than $10 and I’d pick them up regularly. Now in Bloomington, I grow a lot of my own flowers or buy them at the grocery. I’d love to have fresh flowers around the house all of the time, but multiple arrangements that last between 5-9 days gets $$$$$.

Then, on a recent trip back to my hometown, I got inspired to make a wreath for my front door using faux flowers again. I’m back where I started because I love them! You need to be careful on the types of blooms you pick and aim for natural colors and textures (anything shiny screams tacky to me!)

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faux flowers, fake flowers