How Do You Feel About | Nicknames?


Felix is playing on the floor, getting into something that’s not his toybox and I just called out “Outta there, dyngus!” which made me think of all the nicknames I use for him. I like to call him Felix Boy, Little Spooky, Spooky Boy, Scooby, Feelers and Flex. Not long ago I caught myself and thought, ewww, no! I don’t want his high school nickname to be Scooby! (or Spooky or Feelers, or any of them really!)

Do you call your kids by their given names or random things like me? Fur children apply too. I have a dozen nicknames for Raymond and Gizmo too.(Raybees, Baby Raybee, Little Boy and Mimi are some of my most used)

Share your weirdo nicknames here.