In Pursuit of the Perfect Hair Day

Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner

Not too long ago, I wrote how I was having some seasonal blues and just not feeling myself. I usually find that switching things up - like with my hair - can be part of a jump start to feeling better about myself, which can domino into my day to day being better too! 

The winter does weird things to my hair. It’s baby fine and has the ability to feel dry and greasy at the same time. Limp and unable to hold a style. Just yuck. Not too long ago I had the brilliant idea of cleaning out my stash of random shampoos and using them all up. Spoiler Alert: It was a bad idea. I found myself having day after day of gross hair days (and a lot of hat head because when in doubt, just cover it up). With a hair appointment on the calendar weeks way, I decided to start the change at home. Luckily, the fine folks at Living Proof asked if I wanted to sample their line and because it’s fancy fancy (and grounded in science), I thought to myself Hell. Yes. 

First I needed to pick out what I thought would fix this rats’ nest best. I used their ‘Your Best Hair’ product selector tool to select the right products. Gimme soft volume! Help extend my style longer than a day! 

Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner

A few days later, my little box of goodies, courtesy of Living Proof, arrived at my doorstep. Luckily my in laws had just rolled into town to watch Felix so what did I do? Run errands? Go on a date? No! I wanted to wash my hair! I used the Full Shampoo and Conditioner and once it was towel dried off, the prime style extender spray. I took my time blow drying and gave the final ‘do a light spritz of the flex shaping hairspray. All night I couldn’t stop touching my hair. It felt thicker, but still silky (but not slinky if that makes any sense?)

That night I found myself talking about… hair textures (because, what else do you talk about at Holiday parties?!?) and this gal said to me something along the lines of “well you have thick hair!” to which I replied “no! I just have new shampoo!!”

Then a couple of days later, my butcher of all people complimented me. “Did you do something new with your hair? It looks really good!” And that was on my second day after a wash too (yay dry shampoo!)

Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner

Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner

So last Friday, I took my healthy head of hair down to my stylist and this is the result! I love the balyage highlights and the shorter length. I think it’ll look really cute peeping out of winter knit hats and work both straight and with more texture. 

I’ve read the rave reviews of Living Proof online I’m eager to add my full experience once I’ve given everything a longer test run. They’re definitely an investment, but that reminds me of something my mom taught me as a teenager - it’s better to put time and effort into your hair and makeup with a plain tee shirt and a pair of jeans than to wear a ball gown and not try at all. See also: You’re never fully dressed without a smile!  

As with any new cut, I’m still practicing with the style, but I really like the way it actually feels - like I was born with a head of thick, full hair! 

Heads up! This post has been a collaboration with Living Proof. Thanks for supporting the brands that make What I Wore possible!