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Hi! Hello! After a week of living in sawdust, I’m still living in sawdust! But now we have beautiful new floors (mixed width ash, finished with oil and wax) and a new dining room table! It’s really looking great but there’s still drywall to be hung and finished, base boards to be milled and installed, walls to be painted, new lighting, etc. We’re getting there! 

Wanna know where I’m going with all of this? I thought I’d help myself get visually organized and share a little of my vision with you guys. A quick catch up - our farmhouse was built in 1942 and a large renovation and addition was added in 1965 - which is why I call it my MidMod Farmhouse. Luckily MCM is my go to for furniture, so we’ll keep most of what we have and add to it where we need!

Last week I asked for your opinions on some brands and furniture companies and here’s where I stand - I bought a 1960s Broyhill Brasilia dining set off craigslist which was delivered yesterday. It’s a dark solid walnut and really lovely. The chairs will be recovered down the road.  I also took advantage of the pre-black Friday sale at Article and bought a chair from them. I’ll have pictures one of these days, but as I said, I want the literal dust to settle (slash be swept away!) before I do that. I also bought some rugs and a light fixture, but I want to check the quality before I five a review (ditto on the Article chair, but you guys gave me resounding cheers for their pieces)

So… here are some images that have elements I like or a vibe I want to capture in my own home. To me, there’s a common thread in the MCM furnishing, the natural elements (wood, plants), the bright walls and the mix of textures. I’m going to start out pretty neutral and add in color when I’m drawn to it. You can see the huge board here if you want to see more!

And if you want to see any of the rooms I’ve already started on, check them out here!