Inspired By | Bandanas

How to wear a bandana

WhatIWore: Back in high school, we had a danced called MORP, or prom backwards. The tradition started by girls asking boys to the dance but we saw it more as a chance to get all of our friends together and dress up. And by dress up, I mean in costumes or funky outfits. One year we did a cowgirl theme and all made tops out of bandanas and braided our hair (I’ll instagram a photo if I can find one!). I’ve loved the patterns and colors ever since! 

These days, traditional red, black and navy versions are en pointe! I’ve done neck scarves in the past (like here and here), but I’m planning on trying it next with a classic bandanas. These photos are my inspiration! 

If you’re looking for a vintage option, etsy is the way to go (see my picks here). Otherwise, your local craft store will likely carry them (but toss it in the wash a couple of times to soften it up first!). 

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