Inspired By | Bees


WhatIWore: I have a thing for honey bees. My house is covered in honeycomb motifs (like my recent DIY on my dining room wall) and I have a beautiful bee tattoo on my back (a theme I’m sticking with as I add more this summer!). One of Felix’s first words was bee (he has little honey bee magnets that he loves). Plus both my dad and uncle are bee keepers and I probably have about three gallons of honey to be used in my pantry! We love bees around here! 

I regularly wear a honeycomb ring that Adam gave me a few years ago (like the one above) but whenever I see a cute bee tee or piece of jewelry it piques my interest. Lately bees are on trend (but never go out of style if you ask me!), so there are lots of cute things on the market. I picked some of my favorites (I bought the boy’s Let Me Bee tee for myself!) that you might like too! A piece of bee jewelry would make for a sweet Mother’s Day gift (hint hint dads!) Click on any image to shop! 

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