Inspired By | Fall Weekends

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WhatIWore: We’re gearing up for our annual family trip to a state park in Southern Indiana. It’s not exactly camping (we stay in cabins), but we still get to feel like we’re roughing it a little bit. We spend most of our time around the campfire, at the playground or taking hikes! It’s ideal for a small child (heat, running water, private bathrooms!) and a six months pregnant mama. 

We’ve been making this trip (almost!) every year since Adam and I met (his parents have been coming for 40+ consecutive years!) and it’s where we were engaged back in 2009! Lots of good memories and many more to come.

We might be a tad early, but I’m really hoping to see some pretty fall foliage! Some years the trees are already bare when we show up and sometimes we’re in tee shirts and shorts until bright green leaves. And always mid-October! You never know what you’re going to get! 

To get in the mood (and to figure out what to pack), I’ve been playing around on Pinterest and digging up fall time imagery. I see Bean boots, buffalo plaids, jeans and knit hats in my near future! And wait until you see what I’ve picked up for Felix!