Inspired By | Leopard Sweater

How to Style a Leopard Cardigan, inspired by casual leopard print

WhatIWore: The other day I was spinning through Target to buy overnight diapers and cat food when I saw a leopard cardigan in the women’s section (surprise surprise). At first glance, I thought it was too prim and proper (it is a cardigan after all!) but then I decided why not bring it home and style it in a way that was a little more edgy to see if it would work.  I have a problem with only buying pants and just resorting to wearing a lot of tee shirts, so this would help things out. And I’m no stranger to leopard in my closet anyway, but it’s been a while since I’ve embraced it and I really like this piece (only $23!) which means… inspiration time!

Here are my takeaways to creating a laid back leopard cardigan look:

  • Hair and Makeup - should be tousled and minimal
  • Wear with Casual or Edgy Pieces - like faded or distressed denim or a moto jacket
  • Keep Accessories to a Minimum - no statement necklaces or shiny bits
  • Footwear - go with an ankle bootie or strappy sandal

I hope I have a chance to wear and photograph it sometime this week!