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Sneakers on What I Wore

WhatIWore: I’ve always had a thing for retro looking sneakers. In college I had a pair of bright pink Saucony’s (kind of like these) and later extended my collection to a pair of green suede steppers (that I found at Wal-Mart!) and a pair of pale pink and taupe Pumas. I really really like funky sneakers.

It makes me so happy that the sneaker trend is in for spring, so I’ve rounded up some images of fashion forward women rocking their tennies in a modern way. I’ve also searched for some of, what I think, are the coolest options out there.  If you’re interested in getting more info on the pairs featured in the collage above, just click the black box!

A little secret… has a lot of funky styles that are significantly less expensive than other places I’ve found! You can also check out more ways to wear them under my Retro Sneakers, Modern Look board on Pinterest