Inspired By | Moto Jacket & Cozy Knits

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WhatIWore: The weatherman is telling us a big change is around the corner and YES! I couldn’t be more excited. I’m looking forward to wearing more of my leather moto jackets and one way that’s really appealing to me right now is layering them with cozy knits. It’s such a simple pairing really, and most of you probably already have both in your wardrobe! I do! (See my core closet for fall and winter here).

I tend to wear bulkier pieces (like a chunky knit sweater) with a slimmer cut on bottom. I’m thinking skinny jeans and any kind of boots! I’ve yet to break out my black over the knee boots this season and I think this could be cute. Or maybe those buckle booties to coordinate with the metal on the jacket? 

I also think doing a messier hairstyle (and maybe even a hat) looks really cool with a leather jacket too. I’m excited to rock this look next week. Would you wear something like this?

Also! I’ve updated my sidebar with all a tab for all of my collages. Looking at how other women have put things together always helps me when I feel like I have nothing to wear. Check it out!