Inspired By | Off the Shoulder Ruffles

Off the Shoulder Chambray, How to wear off the shoulder dresses

WhatIWore: I’ve been having a lot of fun trying out some new trends (new to me at least!) and my biggest motivator has actually been dreaming up what I can sew for myself! You saw the bell sleeve eyelet top I designed and made earlier this week and my next easy project is going to be a chambray off the shoulder ruffle top. I love my broad shoulders, especially a little sunkist glow! For home sewers, you can probably whip this up in an evening! I’m not even going to buy a pattern (I figure I can alter my basic bodice, make a giant ruffle with a casing for elastic, hem ‘em and call it a day!)

Although you’re seeing dresses here (which I might end up making if I have enough fabric!) I think simplicity in styling is the way to wear the look. I love how these gals went with neutral shoes and minimal hair/makeup/jewelry for an easy going outfit. Right up my alley! 

Not the stitching type? There are a lot of cute options already out there. I really like chambray (big surprise), so that’s what I’ve referenced below (with and without ruffles). Now it’s just about finding the right underpinnings to keep from being uncomfortable (I’m in the market for a new strapless bra, if you have recommendations, I’d love them!)

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