Inspired By | Pale Pink Coats

Pale Pink Coat, Pale Pink, Textured Pink Coats

WhatIWore: I can’t say I love getting ready in the winter (or taking outfit photos in sub freezing weather!!) but I am excited to move more of my closet back into rotation after our daughter is born. I’m in absolutely no rush to fit into a certain size, but it will be nice to button my coat again! I actually popped a button off my peacoat over the weekend. it’s getting pretty crowded up in here! 

That coat actually got me to thinking - my basic coats - the wool black and navy versions are styles I’ve had for years. I want to stress that I don’t think you need a new coat every year - and if you care for them well, you should be able to wear the same one for ten years (I’m getting close with my classic long black coat!). That said, I have been inspired by some pale pink versions lately, so I made up a little inspiration board in case I just happen to find one that’s just the right shade of blush. I really like the nubby textured fabrics too. Is it too much to make a birthday wish for a vintage version? We’ll see! In the meantime, I’ve tracked down some buy-now styles below.