Inspired By | Rainbow Brights

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Who’s had a dose of springlike weather lately? Man! It’s getting me so excited to switch over my closet and start some spring shopping! 

One trend I’ve picked up on are rainbow brights. They remind me of a scene from SATC when Carrie gets caught in the rain. It’s one of the more memorable looks from the series for me! Rainbows also kind of throw me back to the days of getting a Delia*s catalogue in the mail in the late 90s (they’re still around, in case you were wondering). These modified rainbows also have a vintage appeal that I really like! 

I don’t think you need the ROY G. BiV spectrum, in fact - I kind of prefer rainbow stripes that are a variation of the classic. Above all, it’s the cheerful brightness that gets me excited. 

My favorite piece is this sweater from Free People, but I’m going to hold out for a sale. I think it would be perfect on a gloomy spring day with a rain jacket or my upcoming family beach trip with white shorts!

Also: Can someone knock off this tote so I can afford it? Pretty please?